Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated on 22 Jul 2023

Donate4Free is a concept developed by a team of experienced individuals who have spent most of their lives working in the charity sector. Our aim is to help charities raise funds through innovative means. While many are dealing with the consequences of the Cost of living Crisis, people are struggling to donate money to support charities all around the world. Donate4free gives people the chance to donate to their favorite charities without spending anything extra. All they need to do is shop at their favorite places and their chosen charity will receive up to 20% of what they spend online as a donation.

  • Go to and sign in to your account.
  • Search for the store you want through our stores section or use the search bar at the top of the page
  • Once you have found the retailer you want, read the description and see how much you can raise for your chosen charity when shopping with them
  • Click on the SHOP NOW & DONATE TO YOUR CHOSEN CHARITY Button. This will redirect you to the retailer's website where you can shop normally.
  • Once you've completed your purchase you will be able to see your transaction and how much you have raised in the dashboard section of your Donate4Free Member's Area 

As a member of Donate4Free you can support any registered charity in the United Kingdom.

Once you have made a purchase online it will take upto 24 hours to show in your dashboard. The donation earned will then go through the following stages:

  1. Pending - Waiting to be confirmed by the merchant
  2. Rejected - This could happen if you requested a refund, used a voucher or you visited the store using another link the last few days
  3. Confirmed - The merchant has validated the donation
  4. Payable - The donation is ready to be sent to your chosen charity
  5. Paid -The donation has been paid along with other donations after reaching the minimum donation threshold of £25

The time taken for each stage depends on when the merchant pays us. Unfortunately, we cannot predict this. You can track the progress in the members dashboard under the donations section

Our platform collaborates with retailers through affiliate marketing. When users make a purchase or perform specific actions on a retailer’s website using our link, the retailer pays us a commission. This commission may either be a percentage of the sale amount or a fixed sum. We then allocate a part of this commission as a donation to the designated charity.

To ensure a donation gets credited to your account and then forwarded to your chosen charity, make sure you are logged into your Donate 4 Free account before visiting and purchasing from the retailer’s website through our link.

Your balance of collected donations will remain in your account until you choose a charity. If you have not selected a charity within 90 days and you do not respond to support we will donate your accrued amount to a charity chosen by the admin team.

Yes. Each retailer specifies its commission rates, and some may offer different rates for various products or based on customer type. Additionally, commissions are typically not earned on VAT or delivery charges. It’s also possible for a retailer to have exclusions on certain products.

For the best results, access the retailer’s website via Donate 4 Free as early as possible during your shopping journey. Ensure you have no items in your basket and avoid using other affiliate sites, discount code services, or external advertising to minimise conflicts in donation attributions.

There can be several reasons:

•        Fraudulent transactions

•        Payment failures

•        Cancellations or returns of purchases

•        Specific retailer-set rules, including determining which “source” they attribute the purchase to

We list charitable organisations registered with the charities commission. In the future we may open this up to small charities or social enterprises if our users want it.

Payments are processed once we receive the full commission from the retailer, which may take several months. The usual mode of payment to charities is via BACS, adhering to our payment schedule and minimum payment thresholds. On rare occasions, we may resort to cheques. In the future we will work with Paypal Giving Fund and charities to make the process smoother.

In cases where we lack the required bank details of a charity or if a payment fails due to incorrect information, we will attempt to contact the charity. If the charity remains uncontactable or fails to provide the necessary details, we reserve the right to allocate the donation to another charity.

Yes. Each charity has the discretion to use the funds as they see fit.

Ensuring your security is paramount. When you make a purchase, it is handled directly with the retailer, ensuring that Donate 4 Free never accesses your financial details. All personal information is securely stored in your online profile and remains confidential. For added assurance, an SSL Certificate – indicated by “https” in the URL – is used, ensuring secure data transmission.

The contribution designated to a chosen charity can vary depending on the retailer. A specified donation rate can be found on each retailer’s page within Donate 4 Free. However, certain retailers might alter this rate based on specific products or conditions, making it essential to peruse any related terms before purchase.

You can easily track your raised funds. By logging into the website, navigate to the  "donations” section in the Member's Dashboard to view all donations.

Sometimes, there’s a waiting period, extending to a week, before donations reflect in a user’s account. This delay transpires as requisite data from the retailer is being processed. After retailer verification, you will be able to see it in the members dashboard.

Purchases are tracked through various stages, taking up to six months, factoring in a 28-day waiting period to accommodate potential refunds and exchanges. Initially, your purchase is tracked, and we await store confirmation. Upon approval by the store, your raised donation is processed for your chosen charity. However, sometimes donations might not manifest immediately. Causes for this include not being signed into Donate 4 Free during a purchase, using non-affiliated discount codes, or violations of retailer-specific terms. Moreover, interruptions from antivirus software, pop-up blockers, or browser settings, like disabled cookies, can disrupt donation tracking. It can also take up to 7 days for transactions to reflect in your account. If it’s been longer, you can submit a ticket.

If a donation doesn’t appear after seven days of your purchase, you can submit a support ticket for missing donations in your member's dashboard. After submission, we liaise with the retailer to discern the reason behind the missing donation. Ensure it’s been a minimum of 7 days since your purchase before you submit a ticket. While we strive to ensure donation requests have a positive outcome, we can’t assure that all will be approved. The retailer’s decision is the final call in these matters.

Most donations from purchases are traceable on desktop versions of retailers’ websites. However, some might not report purchases from their mobile sites. To use Donate 4 Free on mobile or tablet, search for your desired store on our platform. To continue to use Donate4free proceed as usual, but avoid the retailer’s app or any redirections to it. To ensure donation tracking, consider using a web browser on your device or opting for the desktop version.

Establishing an account is straightforward. Simply visit our sign-up page on Donate 4 Free. Fill in your personal details and select a charity to support from our extensive list. Once your account is set up, you can start shopping and raising donations for your chosen charity. If you encounter any issues or need support, our team is here to assist. For those with Gmail accounts, you can get signed up easily.

Should you wish to update your password, log into your account, and select the relevant option. If you’ve forgotten your password, there’s a procedure in place to help you reset it. If you require additional support, feel free to contact our team.

Switching the charity you support is easy. After logging into your Donate 4 Free account, head over to the designated section where you can choose a different charity to support

Should you ever decide to close your Donate 4 Free account, it’s a straightforward process. Simply send a request to our dedicated team by creating a support ticket.