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Donate4Free - Support Your Favourite Causes Without Spending A Penny Extra

Donate4Free 0 Comments 10 Aug 2023 2:06 PM

Donate4Free Was set up by a team of charity workers who have dedicated their entire lives to help those who are most in need. Charities are finding it harder and harder to raise funds and get support for the essential work that is carried out by them. Charities look to secure the funds and resources they need through the following means:

  • Grant and Tender Applications
    • Traditionally this has been the most common method for small to medium charities to fund their programmes. With funding being reduced overall by government, councils and funding bodies, there is less money for charities to access. This makes the application process very competitive. Many small charities rely on volunteers who are not necessarily the most qualified, to make grant applications. This means many charities are at a disadvantage against the charities who can afford to pay for professional bid writers
  • Personal and Company Donations
    • Larger charities employ fundraisers who are able to secure donations from the community. While smaller charities work towards gathering donations from the community, they are facing an uphill struggle, due to the lack of staff and volunteer resources
  • Community Fundraising
    • One of the best ways to raise funds is by organizing and running community fundraising events. This requires a lot of manpower to manage and run. However, many great charities are able to use this method to generate small steady flow of annual income.
  • In-Kind Donations and Support
    • Sometimes the best way to help a charity is by donating old items or giving up some of your time to volunteer for the charity

For a charity to be successful, they should diversify their income generation sources.

We at Donate4free want to offer individuals an easier way to raise funds for their favorite charities without spending anything extra. While many people are struggling to cope with increased costs of living, they are unable to donate any money, even if they wanted to.

With Donate4Free, every time you carry our any online shopping, Donate4Free will donate between 0.5% to 20% of your normal online shop to your chosen charity.

With over 1,000 popular online stores to choose from anyone can donate to their favorite causes without spending anything extra.

In 2020 the average spend of UK millennials was £3,250.10 each. With Donate4Free you would have donated approximately £162.51 (Based on 5%) that year to your favorite charity without spending a penny extra.

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